Your Guide to Breakfast Sandwiches in Seattle

Find the most delicious breakfast sandwiches in Seattle. Eggwich is built by an individual, supporting individual business owners who are making Seattle's mornings more delicious.

How it Works

I've come to learn that for every time and place, there exists a perfect breakfast sandwich. Whether you’re hungover and looking for a sit-down brunch breakfast sandwich with bottomless mimosas - or you’re commuting to work and need to grab a “to go” breakfast from the closest coffee shop... Eggwich will help guide you toward that perfect breakfast sandwich.

A note from the creator

Join me on my Breakfast Sandwich tour of Seattle!

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Breakfast sandwiches have been my favorite food for as long as I can remember. I think about them all the time - and eat them every chance I reasonably can. There are so many good coffee shops and breakfast spots in the Seattle area and I want to share that joy with more than just my friends and family. I'll pick the most worthy sandwiches in Seattle and share those with you. Come join me on my journey!

James Hart Creator of Eggwich
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